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Class registration forms are included in the catalog or can be viewed and printed out here. Please mail the form with your payment to: Montrose Area Adult School, PO Box 433, Montrose, PA 18801. Please sign and date your registration form where indicated.


Most classes run for 90 minutes but check the description in the catalog;  there are exceptions depending on the course.  A fee for each class is listed.  If an instructor needs to purchase materials, food, books, etc. for the class, an additional materials fee is listed which you need to include in your check.

Classes during the day are spread all over the area but our primary sites are St. Paul’s Church in Montrose and the Montrose Bible Conference on Lake Avenue in Montrose, or Susquehanna County Library.

Class enrollment is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.  Many of the classes have size limitations so if you want to be assured of a space, don’t wait to register. Many classes will need a minimum number of registrants to be held. (usually at least 6). A class may be cancelled if there are too few registrants.  If you want to double-check the availability before you send in your check, send an inquiry to, or call 570-432-0184. It is indicated on this website if a class is full. If you register for a class and then have to cancel, please let use know as soon as possible, Many classes have waiting lists.  If you are interested in attending a class that is full please let us know (email and we will add your name to a waiting list.

We provide scholarships at the rate of 50% to 100%.  Scholarships are not available for trips or material fees. Call 570-432-0184 for scholarship information.