Sports, Fitness and Health Classes

Sports, Fitness, and Health

201 Strength, Stretch and Balance,    Instructor: Natalie Roffey

Improve your balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. This class is for seasoned exercise people or beginners wishing for direction and ideas for better living.  Students need to bring mats and weights if they have them. Items can be provided by the instructor. Questions? or (570-278-3562)

Four Tuesdays and Four Thursdays starting April 23 at 9:00 am

Location: VFW route 706 Montrose

Fee: $40.00


202 Adaptive Chair Yoga  Instructor: Mary Coyle, Certified Yoga Instructor

This class includes breathing and relaxation techniques, gentle yoga poses, gentle stretching and strengthening exercise. Some poses are done while sitting in a chair; we also use the chair for support and balance as we stand during other poses. All yoga postures can be adapted for your individual abilities. Wear loose – fitting, comfortable clothing.

Eight Wednesdays beginning March 27 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Location: St Mark’s Parish Hall, Main St. New Milford

Fee: $40.00


203 Hatha Yoga     Instructor: Mary Coyle, Certified Yoga Instructor

This general Hatha Yoga class welcomes beginners and intermediate yoga students. We begin with a few moments of relaxation and breathing techniques; we then practice gentle warm up stretches and move into a variety of beginner and intermediate poses (asanas), giving everyone time to move into and out of each stretch without rushing. Assistance with any pose or stretching is part of good instruction! Always feel welcome to ask for help. A relaxation period completes each session. Wear loose fitting clothing and bring your yoga mat. Blocks, straps, and knee pads are provided for your use.

Eight Wednesdays beginning March 27 from 11:15 am to 12:45 pm

Location: St Mark’s Parish Hall, Main St. New Milford

Fee: $40.00


204 Beginning Tai Chi   Instructor: Andrew Gardner, Certified Tai Chi Teacher

In this class, you will learn a yang style of Tai Chi Chuan from Andrew Gardner who has been practicing Tai Chi for nearly 30 years.  He studied with Master William Chen in New York City who was a disciple of Chen Man Ching in Taiwan, the last acknowledged grand master at the time.  Although Tai Chi is a defensive martial art, or inner martial art, it is more widely practiced as a form of meditation and for its benefits to general health and wellbeing.

Eight Mondays beginning March 25, 10:00 am (No class April 22, Easter Monday)

Location: St Mark’s Parish Hall, Main St. New Milford

Fee: $40.00


205 Zumba Gold  Instructor: Joyce Jennings, licensed Zuma and Zumba Gold instructor

This popular class is open to both men and women!  Join this fun, high energy, low pressure atmosphere and enjoy yourself.  The time will fly by and the calories will burn!  You will love this class if you want to keep moving.  Bring water and wear comfortable clothes. Your footwear should not have a lot of tread.  Bad knees, back or ankles?  Moves can be modified, or you can sit out a song if you need to.  If you get lost, make up your own moves.  The object is to just keep moving! See you this spring!

Eight Thursdays beginning April 18 at 10:00 am

Location: VFW, Route 706 Montrose

Fee: $40.00


206 Golf for Beginners and Experienced Players  Instructor:  Ed DeWitt, avid golfer. This class is full

This is a six-week course for adults who are just learning the game or those who have some experience and want to improve their game.  The course focuses on the fundamentals of golf: including proper grip, stance, elements of the golf swing, pitching and chip shots, and putting techniques.  The class will consist of individual and group instruction to include hitting golf balls on a practice area and putting on a practice green.  The final class will include actual play on the Montrose Club Golf Course.  Class size limit of 8 to 10.  Students will need to bring their own golf clubs.  Practice balls and tees will be provided.

Six Tuesdays beginning April 30 at 6:00 pm (weather permitting)

Location:  Montrose Club Golf Course on Lake Avenue

Fee:  $30.00


207 Zumba with Cass             Instructor: Cassandra Blass,  Zumba Instructor

Join us for this Latin music (salsa, bachata, cumbia, reggaetón etc.) based dance-aerobics-cardio class. Bring your two left feet to this awesome class and leave your worries at the door!  I break down the routines with easy to follow cueing and plenty of sweat.  The average calorie burn for this cardio dance class is 850, with some burning over 1000 calories per ONE-hour class. Sounds fantastic!  From beginners to spicy dancing machines, all are welcome to join this class. If you have any questions, please contact me at 607-205-8397.  If you have a question whether Zumba is right for you, consult your physician before starting a new exercise regimen.  You can always modify the steps to your needs; many of my students do and still have a blast! To make your Zumba class more enjoyable please wear comfy, supportive sneakers and easy to move in clothing. I recommend a towel, and refreshing hydration!!  Shake, shimmy, stomp and sweat at Zumba fitness!  Sign up today for the 8-week class!  Side effects are smiles, weight loss, sweating, and laughing.

Eight Mondays starting March 11 at 6:30 pm ( No class April 22)

Location:  Lathrop St. Elementary School Gym, Lathrop St. Montrose

Fee: $40.00


208 Tennis for Beginners and Experienced Players       Instructor John Eidenier

Lessons for those just learning tennis and more advanced instruction for those who have played the game and wish to increase their skills and knowledge of the game.  Lessons will include round robin play and depending on group size, individual instruction focusing on proper tennis strokes. Participants need to bring a racquet and balls.

Monday and Thursday beginning May 6 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Location: Montrose Courts

Fee: $30.00


209     Introduction to Pickleball      Instructor: Montrose Pickleball Club

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport among adults in the United States.   The Adult School introduced classes for beginning players three years ago and a substantial number of students formed the Montrose Pickleball Club which currently has over 50 members.  With the help of the Borough Council, two outdoor courts have been established at Memorial Park (Jackson Street from South Main) with portable nets.  This class is an opportunity for you to learn the basics and practice fundamental shots and strategies for play.  After you take the class you can begin playing regularly with the Pickleball Club which posts daily playing time through the summer months.  It is an easy game for beginners to learn.  Balls and practice rackets are provided.

Four Wednesdays beginning May 1.  Two sections are offered:  10:00 am or 6:00 pm.  Indicate on the registration form which time you are registering for.

Location:  Pickleball Courts in Memorial Park (located adjacent to the basketball court)

Fee:  $20.00