Trips and Tours

Trips and Tours


701 Tour of Fruition Seeds Farm        Coordinator: Lori Wallace

This tour will focus on organic gardening, seed saving and building resilient communities through seed.  We will visit their greenhouse/high tunnel and acres of certified organic land in both seed production and cover crops.  Hands-on seed cleaning demonstrations and tastings are included.  You will be able to ask questions about seed harvesting, cleaning and packaging plus get information on GMO’s and organic verses certified organic as well. And everyone will return home with a packet of seed compliments of Fruition! This is a farm so expect uneven terrain and a bit of walking. There is a small store also to make purchases.
Fruition Seeds cultivates over 300 varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs & flowers. They select varieties for early maturity, productivity & disease resistance specifically for the short seasons of the Northeast. Fruition would also be honored to serve everyone lunch in their home. They have plenty of seating for everyone. A simple vegetarian meal from the farm, plus dessert and tea will be served, for $15/person.  Or simply pack a lunch.  Afterwards we will be able to explore the nearby town of Naples and do a little local shopping on our way home!
Meet the van at the Price Chopper Parking lot by 8:30am.  The passenger van has limited seating so there is a limit of 11 people! Don’t wait to sign up! If you prefer; you may drive yourself and meet us there. The cost of the tour will then be $20 plus the homegrown lunch.
Where: Meet at the Price Chopper Parking lot in Montrose
When: One Thursday, September 6th at 7:45am; departure: 8am sharp.
Fee: Tour and van $42.00

Fee: Lunch $15.00

Fee: For Tour Only $20.00




702 Tour of the Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority and Hydroponic Greenhouse
Coordinator: Lori Wallace
Join the Montrose Area Adult School for a tour of the NTSWA recycling center and Hydroponic Greenhouse located in Troy, PA. NTSWA is a rural, three county, integrated, solid waste authority. Did you ever wonder how they recycle our garbage?  Not only do they recycle plastic, glass, paper and aluminum cans, but NTSWA grows organic greens year-round in their hydroponic greenhouse! The NTSWA has been utilizing landfill gas to operate a reciprocating engine to turn a generator to produce electricity since 2001. On the surface, it seems a simple enough concept, but this project continues to evolve producing results from the destruction of landfill gases such as the real time sale of electricity, waste heat recovery, the production of edible crops through controlled environmental agriculture and the future off setting of carbon credits. Join us and see what our garbage can do!
Meet us at the Price Chopper Parking lot by 8:15am; departure: 8:30am.  Passenger van has limited seating so there is a limit of 11 people! Do not delay in signing up for this 2 hour educational tour of both facilities.
Where: Price Chopper Parking Lot, Montrose
When: One Thurs, Nov 8th at 8:15am; departure 8:30am sharp.
Fee: $25.00